Friday, December 3, 2010

three more

After taking the 35 quilts to school, I have room for more quilts and need to get some more of these tops quilted up. I've been working the last couple of days and have these three done so far. It is the weekend, so no telling how many I will get done. It is also grade weekend. Yuck.

A package came in the mail today and I'm like a kid at Christmas! I want to open it so badly. My birthday is only 18 days away. Do you think I will make it until my birthday? I'm not so sure. My hubby said that since I'm a grownup now, I shouldn't have to wait until my birthday to open my present but my daughter thinks I should wait. Let's see who will win the battle of the box!

I think I might be able to wait until Dec 17. That is my last day of school until vacation starts. Yes. I'm like a kid at Christmas and I am counting the days. Only 10 more days of school! Yipee!

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