Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Design Wall

So, my excuse for not finishing projects has been I have not had a place to lay them out. Well, I got this idea the other day to make a design wall and hang it over my fabric shelves. I thought it might help someone else out so here it is.
I made it out of PVC pipe, just four pieces and four elbows. Things I had in the garage from other projects. I never throw anything away. This was from my daughter's soccer banner way, long ago. I zip tied it to the top of the shelf unit.
I pinned some felt (2 yards) onto the PVC pipe and it is big enough for the quilts I make. I don't make full or queen or king :)
If I want to get to the fabric behind the design wall, I can just unpin the felt or pull it aside. It will encourage me to always have something up there and make me work harder to get my UFO's out of the way as well as work on more challenging projects I think.

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PeggyB said...

what a great idea! Thanks.