Saturday, November 20, 2010

and 7 more makes 60

Last night after dinner, I cut another 7 kits from the Quick Strippie pattern. I have another 2 bunches of fabric sitting on the table that will be tackled this morning and then I'm clearing off the table. Fabric will be sorted, folded and put away for the week. No more cutting. Do you hear me?

Well...first, I'm going out to the shed to pull in one more bucket of fabric. I have two pieces of fabric that need just one more color to go with them to make a kit. You see, the quick strippie needs three colors and these guys have two colors and need a third. I'm hoping there is something out there in the shed. Or, that sometime this week I get a phone call saying to come and get some fabric. Or, maybe I will have to go over to Carla's to get that piece that will match. I hate having to put these couple of pieces back on the shelf, knowing they are so close to becoming quilts!

I'm working on cleaning too. I knew you were worried about that :) So far, I've done a load of dishes and laundry and cleaned the oven. Yes, even the inside, with the self cleaning button. Boy, was that hard :) It should be done in another 2 1/2 hours and then I get to clean out all of the ash inside. I figure I need a nice, clean oven to cook my turkey in on Thursday. Speaking of turkey, I think I had better go buy one today or tomorrow. One year, I waited too long and ended up with a frozen turkey on Thanksgiving morning. That thing cooked for like 12 hours. We didn't have dinner until 6pm and the outside of the turkey was really dry and the inside wasn't cooked. Gross.

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Barb said...

You certainly are getting alot of cutting done.....I tried to read down to find out what these kits are for but......