Thursday, November 25, 2010

Family Puzzle Quilt so far

I have to call this a family puzzle quilt because the kids helped me put this together in about an hour today. Without their help, I would still be there, trying to figure out which piece went next. The two big ones pinned the pieces together for me and the little guy took the pins from me as I sewed and passed the sewn together pieces back to be laid out on the floor again. This was A LOT of work, but looks great. The trouble is, it is really small. I want to give this to my son's first grade teacher, but I'm not sure she would want a wall hanging. If I ever make this quilt again, I will definately use 4 1/2 inch strips instead of 2 1/2 inch pieces. I'm all for bigger is better! I have a couple of choices. I can make more puzzle pieces and enlist the help of my kids for another hour and make this twice as big, or I can add some borders. Right now, I'm leaning towards putting borders on it. I'm not sure the kids will find the time to help me out again. After all, it is their vacation too. I think I will let it sit awhile and see how I'm feeling about it in a day or two.
This other quilt was done this morning. I have its twin on the machine and will try to get it done before bed tonight. I plan a nice soak in the tub. Dinner was really good. Simple, nice having only family here so I didn't have to go overboard, just turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, cranberry sauce straight out of the can and some green beans. Of course, we finished off two bottles of sparkling apple cider and I'm stuffed. Didn't make it to the store for a pumpkin pie. There is always tomorrow for that.


Barb said...

Now that would be fun to have all those helpers around...lucky you!!! Love both quilts!

Helen in the UK said...

The puzzle quilt is looking good. I did wonder, when you shared the pattern, about the sizes and thought if I made it I would go with 3.5" strips. Nice to have helpers though :)