Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I survived a sleepover

4 teenage girls, 2 dozen donuts for breakfast. Life is good! A little Mario Kart Racing this morning and I'm going to do some quilting. I'm loading the first quilt. Let's see how many of these guys I can get knocked out today. I have to grocery shop and most likely take my daughter to a tennis lesson. It rained last night, but is bright and sunny now. Another storm is coming for the weekend. No plans to go anywhere, but the snow in the mountains may call me away. If only I knew where to go so the kids could just play for a little while. I do not like to drive on icy roads and we don't have snow clothes, but taking an afternoon to just play in the snow for an hour might be fun. We will see :) That's the best part about vacations. The endless possibilities!

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