Thursday, November 18, 2010

Getting a lot done

11 more kits cut out which brings me up to 46 total so far. I'm starting to work out of the bucket of fabric that Carla's bunch ironed for me. There are 8 more batches of fabric waiting to be cut, so I would guess 12 more kits? Surely I can get those done tomorrow or Saturday. I'm so excited for this coming vacation week and looking forward to orgainizing my projects from the quilt tops that need quilting to the kits that need sewing by me and others.

The next big batch of quilts will be going to the Ronald McDonald House in Sacramento. I'm very excited to be sending the quilts with the Robotics team from my high school. They will be going on December 4. I wonder how many quilts I can get done before then?

After the crazy day I had at school today and the stressful week this has been, this week off will be very welcomed!!!


Cheri said...

Your stick-to-it-ness encourages and inspires me.

Jane said...

I am curious as to what patterns you use for your kits. It is a great idea to have some ready to go when you have just a few minutes to sew.

Carla said...

Let me know if you need binding for Rhoda for the Dec 4 RMHC quilts. I've finished the memory quilts for Amy but need to finish holiday gifts before we leave Wed morning for the family Thanksgiving gathering (also known as bring holiday gifts so you don't have to pay for shipping event).