Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Email troubles

I have comcast as my internet provider and about once every 2 years I have troubles with my email. I guess that isn't bad, unless I am in the middle of my troubles. A few years ago, they did something weird and I lost all of my emails. That was really scary because I have saved emails for 10 years or so since getting comcast. Why do I save emails for so long? Well, the ones I save are from my dad. He writes the best stories in his emails. He writes the best stories and puts them in book form with pictures every time he goes on a trip and sends them to me too, but his emails are about his daily life. I keep telling myself that one day I'm going to print them all out and make a really big book out of them.

Then, one day I opened my email and all of my saved emails were gone. I cried when I called the comcast guy. He thought I was weird but somehow was able to restore 10 years worth of emails back into my inbox.

Now what is happening is I can get my mail emails, but not my sub-accounts. I have 6 secondary accounts. Who do you know needs that many secondary accounts? Well, I belong to a lot of internet groups and instead of sorting the emails into folders, I just have different email accounts.

I was on the phone with the guy on Saturday for about 15 minutes before he gave up and said he would write a ticket. He said give them 48 hours and they would call me back and tell me they had fixed it. So yesterday I called back and the guy said nobody had ever written a ticket and they had no record of my call :( The guy yesterday tried for 30 minutes and all he was able to do was turn my secondary email accounts into folders (basically deleting them) and then give up and write a ticket on it so someone else can work on the problem. Both of the guys on the phone were really nice and tried to be helpful, but nothing they could do could help me.

I just hope nobody is trying to get ahold of me on one of those secondary email accounts.

And maybe it is time to print out those emails from my dad :)


Michelle said...

My hubby is a tech guru and what he did is.....set up all my emails with the likes of gmail. I have two so far. I then have outlook, so I just have my mail downloaded off the gmail site, it is free. I then am able to save all of my emails on my computer and then every so often I do a backup. I can also send emails with whatever email address I have, directly from my cpu. Just a thought, it makes it easier and it is a bummer when you lose all of your stuff.

ComcastCares1 said...

I agree with Michelle, it would be best if you back up your files. As far as the emails on your secondary accounts, I can check with my local colleagues to check on the status. You can contact me if you're interested in my help.

Mark Casem
Comcast Corp.
National Customer Operations

Barb said...

Oh wow...now that would be a headache in the works. I sure hope you get this resolved and get back all of your info.