Saturday, November 27, 2010

I'm an idiot

Got two more quilts done today and both sets of lab books graded. Yipee. I still have one more day of vacation, but I think that will be spent at another tennis tournament with my daughter. I hope I don't freeze!
Ok, so why am I an idiot? Well, there is a new foundation forming to raise money for my school district. Guess who got asked to be on the committee? Guess who said they would go to the meeting? Guess who went and was told they couldn't be on the committee because they are a teacher and teachers aren't welcome? Guess who got mad? Guess who is fighting mad and who is fighting to be on that committee? Guess who is an idiot?
If you guessed me for any of the above questions, you are smarter than I am. I just hate when people tell me I can't do something. Even if it is something I don't want to do. I dare you to tell me I can't clean my house. Go ahead. Ok, bad example. But tell me I can't eat pumpkin pie and Cheesecake on the same day. Go ahead...I dare you!

This quilt was done by Carla and quilted by me. The strips are 6 inches and 2 inches and then you just cut them 8 inches. Quick, easy, cute! This fabric was donated by A Quilted Heart in Vacaville.

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Michelle said...

Asking you to be on the committe, and then telling you you CAN'T be on the committe just seems beyond stupid!

Love your quilting, especially the fish in your other post.