Sunday, November 21, 2010

What am I doing?

It has been asked a couple of times here on the blog and through email...What are you going to do with all of these quilt kits?

Nope, not going to have a retreat. Nope, not going to sell them.

I plan to work through as many as I can and find as many friends as I can to help me sew them into quilt tops. I have a quilting machine (Janome 1600DB P) on a Handi-Quilter frame that my mom and dad bought for me and all of the quilt tops will be returned to me so I can quilt them. Then they will go to Rhoda for binding. When they come back, they will go lots of places.

As many as I can get done will be heading to the Ronald McDonald House in Sacramento. This is a place for families of kids with terminal illnesses to say while their children are receiving treatment at local Sacramento hospitals. I figure they could use some handmade hugs. The Robotics team is going on Dec 4. So, I need to get to work and get as many done as I can in the next couple of weeks.

Some will be going to my local hospital for their new mom program called A Baby is Coming. Parents go through a parent education class and when they graduate, they are given lots of baby supplies including a handmade quilt or afghan.

Some will go to Child Protective Services in Solano County. Sadly, kids are taken from homes every day and these kids need something to call their own. They are given quilts to hold onto by CPS. Unfortunately, I can't keep up with the demand!

And some will also go to the local CASA. Last year we provided them with about 85 quilts for the kids in foster care. CASA is a group of people who are mentors for these kids and who follow them as they move from one foster family to another. They go with them to court appointments, help with homework and provide a stable, adult support system for kids who don't have a lot of security. Each kid in the local program last year got a quilt. I hope to be able to provide for all of the new kids to the program this year. I have no idea how many kids that is this year. Many of them are teenagers. It was a little funny last year because they asked the kids before the Christmas party if they wanted a quilt. All of the teenagers said they didn't. I sent enough for everyone anyways and sent along enough big ones for the teens. Everyone ended up going home with a quilt. Some people don't know what a quilt is I guess, but these kids loved theirs!

So, if someone could send me one extra hour from your day, I sure could use it. There just doesn't seem to be enough time in my day to get everything done that I want to do.

There are always things that come up, like a mission trip to Africa that needs quilts or the wounded soldiers at Travis AFB who need an extra hug. I just have a hard time saying no.

Along with that extra hour, would you say a prayer for me too? Thanks :)


Hillbilly Handiworks said...

No hours.
I've been finding plenty of places that need a quilt around here as well!
I could use an hour myself.
How about I give you this though?--

Helen in the UK said...

WOW - that's a lot of quilts to provide, no wonder you need a lot of kits cut! I'm going to package all my 'spare time' up and email it to you!!!!! But seriously, wishing you lots of luck and will be excited to see the results as they come through :)

Cheri said...

Applauding your efforts!!!! Said a prayer and will add you to my daily prayer list. I think you are so wise in the way you are doing this! Especially getting the cutting done ahead.
Huggggssss, too!

Mary-Kay said...

Wow! That's wonderful and very generous of you. If I lived in the States I'd say send me a few kits with some instructions and I'd be happy to sew some up for you. Actually you could send them to me care of my sister in MI, if you would like. Drop me a line and let me know.

For His Glory said...

Girl you never cease to bless my heart with your diligence in where God has talented you! Kalani has three tops here she will be working on and we will be getting them to you when they are complete! Love you!