Thursday, November 25, 2010

puzzle quilt

I am wanting to try something new and this fits the ticket nicely. Check out the free pattern for the puzzle quilt. It uses up 2 1/2 inch strips, which I have a lot of. My son's first grade teacher has a son with autism. This will make a perfect Christmas gift for her, since the puzzle piece is they symbol for autism. I think I will start pulling fabrics for this today. That's something I can do with a migraine :)

Turkey will go in the oven in about an hour. We are having Thanksgiving dinner instead of lunch. Maybe the headache will be gone by then??


Linda said...

Okay, none of my business, but I thought I'd pass this on to you. I was speaking with my pharmacist friend who had just attended a Celiac conference. She was talking about a patient she had who had violent migraines and told her that at the Celiac conference, that was one of the lesser known symptoms. It wouldn't hurt to have a check done for celiac.
Thoughts are with you.
Lurking Linda

Joanne said...

OMG! What a fantastic assembly line you had going. I just finished this pattern for a big bedspread for my DGD. Your comments sounded like echos from me ... like the 'hardest part was choosing what fabric to put next' But when it was done ... it was gorgeous if I do say so myself. I had over 100 different scrap fabrics in it !! Your puzzle quilt is beautiful too! I will keep an eye on your blog to see the end result. Hugs Joanne @