Saturday, November 20, 2010

Rainy Saturday

I had plans to get so much done today and I guess when I sit down and type everything that was accomplished, I did get a lot done, but when I look around the house, I just don't see it.

I'm still in my pajamas :) because today was a rainy day. Not the heavy rain, but showers off and on all day so I didn't feel like going outside. The only time I went out was to grab one more bucket of fabric from the shed.

I worked for an hour cleaning the kitchen. The stove looks great, the dishes and sink are clean, the counters look pretty ok and the floor is swept. I had great plans to finish up the fabric cutting that is waiting for me on the table, but that hasn't happened just yet. There is still time left.

I'm working in the sewing room. I have no idea where all of this stuff comes from, but I guess as I finish a project, the leftovers just get dumped on the floor. I'm reorganizing again and moving things and trying to make places for the leftovers so this doesn't happen in the future. I think I have plenty of storage space, but just need to find the right way to utilize it so that everything I need is within easy reach.

I played a bit of Monopoly and we are in the middle of a game which will be finished after dinner. We watched the first Harry Potter movie as well. My daughter is having a sleepover on Monday and I need to try and remember the plot of the story before we go see the new movie Monday afternoon with her friends.

It was also a good day for haircuts. Hubby got one and so did little guy. I like his hair long, but he likes to be bald "just like daddy". Big brother will get one soon too. I love the curls, but they say it gets annoying to have hair in their eyes. Boys!

I got my form in the mail that I have to fill out before my appointment with the headache clinic next month and one of the questions made me laugh. It asks, how many days in the last 3 months have you not done housework because of a headache? I would say 90 days. Yeah, that's why my house is so messy! I never could figure it out!! Blame it on the headaches :)

Today's thanksgiving post:

I'm thankful for my wonderful family. My hubby who puts up with the creative chaos and my kids who still like to hang out with me. I'm also thankful for days I can stay in my pj's all day :)

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Cheri said...

I had a pj day too. Your little one looks so much older with haircut...I guess baldness does that to one. LOL