Wednesday, November 24, 2010

JoAnn's Black Friday anyone?

Who here is going to JoAnn's for their flannel for $1.29? That is a great price and I can tell you that it is really nice quality fabric. I'm not. Not because I can't afford it (I really can't) and not because I don't want to brave the lines (I don't) but because I am finally using up the flannel I stood in line for 5 years ago. I finally decided that it was time to stop saving it and start using it. Flannel is so soft and cuddly, but it takes up a lot of space on the shelf.
Eventhough I have a terrible migraine, I decided that sitting around doesn't make me feel better so I pulled the flannel and just sewed it all together. Yards and yards for backing.
I started rolling it on the quilting frame and the poor thing started tipping. I'm a little afraid that in the middle of the night I will hear a crash and the whole thing will be on the floor. There is a lot of backing fabric loaded on there. I'm wondering how many quilts I can get out of all of this backing. I have a lot of tops waiting, so that won't be the problem!
Today I got three done so far. Two were done on the last batch of backing fabric, before migraine and one so far on the new flannel backing.
I'm going to guess 15 quilts, anyone else want to make a guess?


Anonymous said...

Have no clue how many will come from your backing, but I think it is GREAT that you are using "deals" from years ago without adding more.

How much did this backing weight..... you are in "range" of your 1000 pounds.

Migraines and I are spent in bed with NO light.... and when the "front" that triggered this one passed THEN I played with the fabric... oh and the dishes and the laundry and dogs .... all things that wait....

Michelle said...

Did you get your Go cutter? I was all set to go stand in line for an hour before the store opened, then decided it might not be the safest plan. My mom walked in after they opened and picked one right up.