Friday, November 19, 2010

and another 7 so far tonight

Here's the bucket with the kits from tonight so far and...

Here's what is left on the table.
Three more sets of fabric to cut. With the 7 kits from tonight and the 46 previous kits, I'm up to 53 kits. I had better find some friends to help me out!
I plan to finish up the cutting by tomorrow, clean up my mess and get started quilting.
I'm going to be working through the new Pajama Quilter DVD and trying out some new quilting ideas on all of these quilt tops. If you haven't seen the new DVD yet, I highly recommend it. In fact, I recommend both of the DVD's and think they would make a great Christmas present. They are great for a quilting machine or if you just sit and quilt at your regular sewing machine. Great ideas and Dawn makes it so easy and gives you confidence to try out new things. Plus, she encourages you to eat lots of chocolate along the way. Can't go wrong there!


Karen said...

You are going gangbusters on your cutting out and quilt making. thanks for the link to the easy strippy quilt. I am hoping to get some tops done in the new year for my local quild. Glad to hear you haven't had a migraine in a while.

Cheri said...

Making up kits is such a good idea. I always make such a mess when I am cutting for a new quilt.