Thursday, November 18, 2010

One more thing

Yesterday I was asked to join the Travis Education Foundation. This is just beginning and is a way to support my school district as we have lost a lot of money and budget cuts are looming once again. This foundation is one way the district hopes to woo the local companies into helping us keep from raising class sizes and cutting more teacher salaries. I am a teacher. I love my job. I love my fellow teachers. I hate paycuts. Every year, we get a paycut because they keep raising our heathcare costs. This year, our costs went up another 15%. Another $150 a month out of pocket to pay for a doctor who says, what do you think we should try next to fix your headaches. Do I think I am getting what I pay for? No.

But, do I need another thing to do?

I am already a:
Full time teacher
Peer Tutor Coordinator
Chaufer to a tennis daughter/Band son
Quilt Ministry leader at my church
Local Freecycle owner
Binky Patrol coordinator
Band Booster Fundraiser Chairperson
Blog Writer
Minigrant Queen :)

Do I really need one more thing?
I was talking with a School board member last night at the minigrant awards dinner and she was saying that there are 10% of the people who do 90% of the activities.

Speaking of the minigrant dinner. It was really fun. I got to hobknob with all of the bigwigs! I talked with the Mayor of Fairfield and he actually remembered me (because of my daughter--not because I'm anything special!) and met a city-councilwoman who had run for mayor. She was so nice and actually came up to me at the end of the whole thing and said it was a pleasure to have met me! Wow, that was really cool. And I got to say thank you to the man that writes the checks for my daughter's education. My daughter won a really huge scholarship and we get bills in the mail for enormous amounts of money, but someone else pays them. You can bet I told him how much I love that scholarship and thanked him over and over again!

I had my own peanut gallery there. My son's jazz band got to play their first 'gig' and the parents who are my friends all cheered for me when they read my name. The lady who runs the program just laughed. Then they cheered again when my friend's ticket got pulled in the raffle and I had to go up and pick up her prize. My son couldn't be there because he is the Jr. Honor Society President and had to run the Induction Ceremony. I made it over to the ceremony just as the teacher said, thanks for coming tonight. He looked so grownup with his tie, white shirt and black pants. I heard he did a great job!

I'm still a little tired this morning, but we get all of next week off and I have a great lesson plan for today :)

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Cheri said...

Do what you enjoy! Stress from things you don't enjoy is a bugger! I appreciate reading your blogs.