Wednesday, November 24, 2010

binding day

This morning I got up and decided I had better start making some binding for all of these quilts. I was going to pick up my son's friend who is the son of the Binding Beast, Rhoda. I started sewing together the 2 1/2 inch strips I had cut over the last couple of months and by 8:30am I had this pile
I learned this trick from someone in my Stashbuster's group and it works great for pressing the binding. You just insert two darning needles into your ironing board cover. As you can see, I really need a new cover. I bought one about a year ago, but it doesn't fit my ironing board. How hard could it be to make one? Well, harder than it looks. It would take measuring and cutting and sewing and you all know how much effort that would be. Besides, this one is still functional and I don't care if I put holes in it with these big darning needles.
You simply tuck the binding strips under the needles and pull it through. Be careful because the binding comes out HOT! It works really great if you can find someone to help you. When I have a really big pile, like the one today, I try to recruit a kid or two to help pull, while I fold on the other end. They can stand back from the iron and then the binding has a chance to cool off before they touch it. And they get to spend quality time with mom :) Always a bonus!
I got 4 pieces ironed before picking up the friend and took the 6 quilts over. I hope to get the rest done and quilt a few more quilts today.
I was feeling quite clever with myself because I haven't had a migraine since last Sunday. That also happens to be the day I started a new round of medication. I figured the two must be connected. Well, my migraine is back. So much for my theory. Ugh. Now I really do have to fill out this 20 page form and go to the Headache clinic in December.
one of the questions on the you exercise? If not, why not? Does quilting count as exercise? Would they believe me if I said I was too busy quilting to exercise? Or, will they pull out the white jacket and put me in the rubber room right away?

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