Saturday, November 13, 2010

The great clean up and cut up day

Forever this day will go down in history as the day the fabric was sorted, organized and cut up into quilt kits. Well...maybe. At least that is the goal for the day.

Here's the before pictures and I'll post progress throughout the day as I work through the fabric.

I've spend 25 minutes cutting fabric so far today and have 2 complete quilt kits done and 4 partial kits done. I've been cleaning for about 20 minutes and have brought in one bucket of fabric from the shed and filled another with Christmas fabric from my shelves. That fabric will go back into the shed. No sense keeping it in the house when it gets used once a year. I've already cut out all of the Christmas stockings I'm going to make this year from it, so it can spend the rest of the year in the shed. I think I had better start my Christmas stockings earlier next year. I'm not sure they will make it where they need to be. These may have to stay local instead of getting shipped to Afghanistan. I have a military hospital that I'm sure could use them and my son's first grade class might like some Christmas stockings too.

But, back to work. No time to waste today. It's the Great clean up and Cut up day today!

Shelves in the sewing room before

Table of fabric, waiting to be cut. My daughter helped me pick these last night. She really has the eye for colors!
Bucket of fabrics from last Sunday's Binky Day. These were ironed, but not cut. Today is the day.


Cheri said...

Oh you used those naughty words...CLEAN UP. Makes me cringe only because I need to so badly. You go girl!

Michelle said...

I started doing the same thing yesterday. I'm digging through my sewing corner, trying to combine fabrics for baby quilts and figure out how to organize the rest.

Your progress is inspiring!

BROOKE said...

We started sorting our stash last night and I've spend the afternoon folding and cutting. The floor is just covered with piles and piles that I think we are days from getting to.