Friday, November 19, 2010


I hope you are ready for some quilting, cleaning and relaxing, because that is on my TO DO list for this week off! I will also be posting lists of things I am thankful for each day because this is the season of Thanksgiving.

To start off that list:
I am thankful for Vacations! Mine started at 2:15 today. For some reason, the bell rang late and let me tell you, those last 2 minutes were the longest of the day :)

We had a memorial service today for the student at my school who was hit by the car last Friday night and killed. It was really nice. The dad came and gave a little speech, they had a slideshow and then they released a whole lot of balloons. They made up some glow in the dark plastic bracelets with the student's name and Ride in Peace written on them. The kid was a BMX biker. I wanted to talk to his parents, but just couldn't do it. I knew I would start to cry and had to go back to teaching afterwards. I am going to either call or send an email in the next few days.

My daughter is having a sleepover on Monday, so I have to have my house cleaned before then. So far I have one bathroom sparkly clean :) That makes me happy, but there is still a long way to go. Tomorrow we are going to have a Harry Potter marathon and start cleaning the rest of the house. There is supposed to be a really big storm coming through this weekend, so there will be a lot of time inside for movie watching, cleaning and sewing.

I started sorting the quilt tops that are finished and hung up about 16 of them, plus the 25-30 that are already hung up. I'm sure as I clean up in the sewing room I will find more. I have more quilts to cut out tonight, SOOOOO, off the computer and back to work. Dishes are washing, laundry is getting done (love the kids!) and I hear some fabric calling my name.

The pattern I'm using the most is the Quick Strippie from If you haven't used this pattern yet, you really must. It is super quick, super easy and super cute! Maybe it should be called the Super Quick Strippie!

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