Sunday, June 7, 2009

today's quilt

Here is today's quilt

for the day. This is a crumb quilt I made last year and finally got around to quilting. The back is decorator fabric that was wide enough, but not long enough, so I had to piece two pieces together. It is a little stiff, but very pretty. I wonder if it will soften in the wash.

I'm half way through a second quilt, but I'm wiped out. I even took a nap today.

Tomorrow I have to go in and finish up at school. I have to turn in grades, clean up my desk and check out. I have to turn in my keys and say good bye to school for the summer. I also have to make sure the fishtank at school isn't over run with algae. I had brought some plants from my pond at home and they had some really fast growing algae on them that doubles in size every day. I think I had better clean that out of the tank before it takes over and wipes the fish out.

I bought an automatic feeder that is supposed to last 4 weeks. It has been going for 2 weeks so far and seems to be working great. It dumps food in the tank twice a day and I haven't had to feed the fish. I got a grant for a 55 gallon fishtank this year for the classroom and the kids just love it. I love it too--having life in the classroom to distract me when I'm having a rough day. I got live bearing fish and they have all had babies already. The kids have learned a lot about fish from watching the babies and big fish too. It is really fun. It almost makes me miss school. Almost!

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