Monday, June 15, 2009

more bindings

today was a day of bindings. I got one quilt quilted and these quilts bound and ready to go out the door.

I plan to take a whole load of quilts and blankets to the hospital tomorrow so that when I finish quilts for Kazakhstan I can just toss the in the car so they are ready for church on Sunday. That way, they are safe and out of my way in the house. I have 15 quilts that need binding that are still sitting on the ironing board in the way.

I've found that I like doing two quilts at a time. So, I cut and sew the binding and then sit and do two quilts and then get up to stretch and take pictures.

Have I told you that my 5 year old is my photographer for 90% of these quilts? I usually don't have to crop any of the photos either. He does a really good job of taking the pictures for me. Wonder if he will like taking pictures when he grows up. He is willing to stop whatever he is doing to help me out.

Ah, he just walked up here and handed me a baby tooth! He is only 5 and just lost his first baby tooth. Well, actually it is his third baby tooth. His first one fell out when he was 10 months old. He fell off the couch. He lost his second one at about 14 months old when he fell on the stairs.

But, this is his first official, real baby tooth that he is supposed to lose. He told me it was loose today, about 3 hours ago and now it is out.

Isn't he cute?

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Rebecca said...

Cute smile! My boys looks just like that! Do the quilts for Khazakstan need to be a certain size? I could send you some when I send you a top to quilt.