Saturday, June 20, 2009

all work and no play...

makes me crabby.

So, I took a very little time out today to play with fabric and now I feel better.

Got the binding on one quilt today and some fabric cut for more quilts. I think 4 or 5 quilts cut and ready for someone to sew together. My friend is having a sewing day on July 12 and I want to have a bunch of quilt kits ready for the group that is meeting at her house. I'm not sure how many people are going to show up, but you can never be too ready.

I have big plans for changing up the sewing room to make it more user friendly. I think if I can move the cutting table and ironing board into another room that doesn't get used a lot, I will have room for shelves for the fabric that is all over the floor and in buckets. It will make it easier to see the fabric so I don't have to pull out a whole bucket of fabric to find a piece that I need.

I will sort it by size and then color. I will put all of the backing fabrics together in one place and then the smaller pieces, like one yard sizes together that will be made into quilt tops.

Last week at the quilt store, they had cardboard boxes that said FQ storage on them. I have been thinking about it and I might want to pick up some of those for storing my fat quarters so they all fit neatly on the shelf, after I have cut a bunch of them for more quilt kits. As I am working through the fabric, I want to see how many I end up with. I found about 100 more while working the other day, so that brings me to just over 300 fat quarters. If I can make a quilt top with 12 fat quarters, I can make 25 quilts out of just fat quarters. That's crazy!

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Alycia said...

Wow - you will be busy if you make that many quilts over the summer!