Sunday, June 28, 2009

more room for fabric

My daughter and I sorted fabric yesterday. It only took about 1/2 hour to sort through everything and now it looks so much better and there is lots more room for more fabric. I have a few more buckets in the garage and in the shed and I brought one more bucket in last night after this picture was taken. It was so easy to put the fabric where it belonged because the fabric on the shelves was already sorted by colors. The reds/pinks are in the top left, then yellows and oranged, greens, two crates of blues, down to purples, lots of browns, some novelty then white and blacks and greys. Flowers go in the bottom left. Project bucket for all of the cut fabric that has things to be sewn. UFO's have their own project bucket. I really should pull out one of those and work on it today. Summer cold is worse and it is supposed to get to 108 today outside. I don't think we will work outside this evening. Waaaay too hot! Finally, there are two crates of flannels and two crates of Christmas.

Behind the sewing machine, there is another stacking crate with my fat quarters and really large pieces for backings. I still have backing fabrics in with the sorted colors, but the super large 5-6 yard pieces were pulled out already and I didn't feel like putting those in with the colors because they were already sorted so nicely and they have a purpose.

I guess I am off to feel sorry for myself, bind a quilt or two and see what today brings. I know that strawberry pie is on the menu for breakfast :) That should make me feel better! I made it myself.

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