Sunday, June 14, 2009

Kathy in Florida

Sent me this gorgeous quilt two weeks ago and I forgot to post it here. I'm so sorry! She wanted to help out with the 150 quilts for Kazakhstan because her niece was adopted from an orphanage there and I couldn't be more thrilled. I took the quilt to church two Sundays ago and my pastor was almost in tears that someone so far away would want to help with our project. So, thank you Kathy.

Here are the last two quilts I got bound last night before bed.

This morning I got up early again--sun comes up and I wake up. I tried to stay in bed as long as I could, but by 6:30, after laying there for an hour, I had to finally get up and get to work. I'm trying to clean the sewing room and figure out what is going on in there.

I pulled three boxes of scraps to work on today at my Binky Patrol meeting. I plan to come home with all three boxes cut into useable size scraps. I have a couple of patterns I'm bringin along that are new to me and will cut up the scraps until they are too small to use. Anything too small to use will be stuffing for pillows for my dogs. I just take some of my ugly fabric and sew 2 1/2 sides together, leaving a hole at the top for stuffing. Into the pillow goes all of the waste from the quilts--batting and extra fabric and bits of bindings and whatever I decide isn't worth keeping anymore. I used to save every little scrap, but after making a couple of crumb quilts I decided I didn't like making those so much. They look great, but take a long time. I have so much fabric that needs to be used up that I just don't have the time to work with little tiny pieces. Maybe when I get to the end of my stash (will that ever happen? Has anyone ever gotten to the end of their stash? Share your story please!!!) I will start saving every little piece and see what I can make out of the little tiny bits again, but for now, this will work for me.

I have tried giving away tiny scraps and people look at me like I'm crazy. I know I'm crazy, so I'd rather not have other people think that too.

Ok, back to work. Hope to have something to share later today. I'm taking lots of quilts to church today and then it is 3 hours of cutting fabric this afternoon. Not sure I will feel like sewing when I get home, but maybe if I can talk the kids into cooking dinner...

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Nancy said...

You are touching so many lives with these quilts. Bless you for making the time to do this.

Allow yourself to have some "play time" this summer, too. Don't turn this project into a drudgery.