Monday, June 15, 2009

day 10 check up

Today is day 10 of vacation and time to take inventory of progress on the one a day challenge.

I have 10 quilts bound so far...check.

I have 7 quilts quilted...yikes! Need to get three more quilts done to catch up. NO problem. I got one done this morning and will load another one before heading out to the store to pick up my husband's birthday present. He turns 43 today.

I also have pieced two quilts so far this summer. One was the preschool quilt that was pieced, quilted and bound and in two days and the other is this Dora quilt that may be a gift for a little girl who was recently adopted by a church family. I have a Diego one I'm working on too. I have to ask their mother if they even like Dora and Diego before I give them these quilts. If they don't like these characters, I will just give these quilts to Kazakhstan. I doubt the kids in the orphanage will know who Dora and Diego are, but they are cute little kids anyways.

Off to work!

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