Wednesday, June 17, 2009

do you want to see my piles?

I know you do!

Yesterday my daughter and I worked for about an hour, pulling and sorting fabrics. She really had an alterior motive. She wants to make a quilt for her bed, twin sized, made of turtles. She found a pattern in one of my books and you cut little tiny pieces and sew them back together and the finished block looks like a turtle. There are triangles and diamonds in there and it scares me to death. She doesn't know better, so she thinks it is totally doable! In twin size. She was thinking it needed 54 blocks or something like that, so she was digging through the fabrics looking for 54 different ones for the turtle shells. I suggested she try making a pillow to start with to see if it was even possible. She just laughed.

But, she helped me pick out and sort fabrics for future quilts for Kazakhstan. She said she wanted to go through all of the fabric I own so I can use it all up this summer.
What we did manage to do was match up about 1/4 of the fabric I had in the house.

Then, I had her help me pick backings for the quilt tops I had ready to go. See how neatly the backings are stacked, waiting to be used up? I can be neat sometimes. Not for very long, but sometimes.

These are the quilts, ready to be quilted, matched with their backings.

These are the quilts we couldn't find backings for. We then went into the garage and pulled another bucket of fabric into the house and found a few more backing fabrics that might work, but I was too tired. I'm old and sitting on the floor for an hour made my back hurt.

These are the bags of fabrics that go together. All of these will be turned into the quick stripie pattern that the ladies at my church love to sew together so much. They are quick and look great when done. I think I have about 20 quilts here.

Plus there are another 10 or so on the table, because one of the fabrics that was needed was on a bolt and that just didn't fit in a bag.

These are the quilts on the ironing board, waiting for bindings.

These are the quilts, that are bound, waiting to go in the car, to be delivered for church.

And this is one of the buckets of scraps, waiting to be cut up and used.

These are the quilts, waiting to be trimmed before getting into the waiting to be bound pile.

And finally, this is the pile of buckets of fabrics, ready for next time's sorting and picking and pulling. There are also future binding in there, some will get cut today :)

I hope you enjoyed my piles!


Sue H said...

Wow! I'm exhausted!

Grandma said...

I wish I lived closer to help you out. I love to do bindings!!!
That's seems to be what I do at my house alot, is move my piles around. Good luck.
Diane in Alaska

sharonm said...

That is a lot of quilts - how many do make in a week?

Quilter Kathy said...

I feel much better now!
Thanks for the perspective :)

Crafty Girls Workshop said...

Wow, I think it's great that your daughter wanted to help and to start quilting! Wow, you sure have a lot of quilts so close to being finished, that must feel great. I have started a little pile of quilt tops and it is growing. Thanks for sharing.