Monday, April 30, 2012

chronic pain clinic?

My doctor is suggesting I go to a chronic pain clinic.  Has anyone ever gone to one of these?  I'm afraid they will just tell me what all of the other doctors have said in the past.  The pain is all in your head...literally.  But after having a headach for 3 weeks I'm ready to try anything.  Yesterday was a good day and I thought I was going to get away without having a headach and then bam, about 7pm the headach came :(


Jen said...

My dad's been to a pain clinic - his experience was good - they're not *just* drug pushers - They really took the time to seriously consider the source of his pain, and address it - He'd had tons of back pain due to... well, due to lots of issues... They started with massage, then physical therapy, then stress management, then drugs..... They had tons of resources - it's definitely worth the time and effort.... I highly recommend it... especially if you're having head pain -

quilt happy said...

my sis-in-law does and they give her strong pain meds that she has to go there and get every month

Kate Brown said...

I go to one and have very good luck with it. They use a combination of injections and medications to manage my pain. They pay very close attention to all your medical history and medications. If you are in pain, it is reall worth a try. Mine is associated with the hospital where all my drs are and they all have access to all my records. If you can get a place like that , it is even better.