Tuesday, April 10, 2012

couple more cut with the Studio

Love this second quilt, fall colors quilted with leaves in the big sections.  These are Quick Strippie quilts, made from maryquilts.com, cut on the Accuquilt Studio fabric cutter.  These quilts take about 5 minutes to cut out and 45 minutes to sew together.  When we have a sewing day, we get volunteers working on cutting and sewing.  We get a ton of thes kits put together so anyone who wants can take these home and sew them up and bring them back for quilting.  I think my favorite part about these quilts is that I can quilt them on my Janome machine.  I have a Janome 1600DB P machine on a Handiquilter frame.  It has worked very well for me because most of the quilts I do are in the 48x60 range and I need about 7 inches of quilting space.  These quilts have a finished 6 inch strip which is just perfect for my machine to quilt a design n.  It looks like I planned the quilting to fit in this space, when actually that's about all the space my machine can handle!  I can do lots of different things, just back and forth. We have a great relationship, these strip quilts, my quilting machine and me :)

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