Saturday, April 7, 2012

Thrift Store find

SO yesterday was the first day of my Easter break and of course it had to start out with a trip to the Goodwill Outlet store in Sacramento. If you haven't been to a Goodwill Outlet, you have to go, just for the adventure.  They have everything in big, blue bins and the people and probably the best part.  They hover around the bins as they are brought out and dive in, looking for treasures.  The people are regulars there and all know each other.  I'm guessing they resell at swap meets because nobody could possibly use all of the things these people buy (except for me-I actually do wear all of the tshirts I buy, but I'm weird).

Yesterday I found all of this fabric in the bins with the clothes.  It was brand new!  I just brought it home and washed it cuz it had that thrift store smell :)

I also got 11 tshirts, all for $12.  I would say there's about 5 yards of fabric so not a bad day's thrifting. 

Today I plan to sew together some old blocks I made to finish up another quilt top and do some actual quilting.  Yesterday for some reason my shoulder was killing me.  I just woke up with it hurting and I hadn't even done any quilting, so I hope it doesn't start acting up on me again.  I'm on vacation!  No worries here!  I gotta let all of the stresses of work fade away.  When we get back we have 7 weeks left before school ends.  Can't wait for summer to get here.  I love my time off so I can do so much more quilting and fabric therapy.

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