Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Exact same magazine/book? Weird

How weird is this?  I just picked up this magazine at JoAnn's on Friday and today I'm looking at blogs and see this book posted

It's called Cut your Scraps.  Exact same picture on the cover, just a different title and has half the projects.  How can they do that?  Same pictures, same projects, one is a magazine, one is a book.  Very weird.

I love the projects in the magazine, now I have to go look up the book and see what other projects are missing from the magazine.


SewCal Gal said...

Interesting. Is there an article in this magazine promoting this new book?


marilyn said...

Yes, how weird. Last page of the magazine, there is the book, very small and it says under it 'The projects and photos in this issue were excerpted from this book: Cut the Scraps@ by Joan Ford"

It is listed with 18 other resource books. Would nave never noticed it if it wasn't for the other blog post.

Barb said...

That is interesting!