Sunday, April 22, 2012

Setting triangles  Here's a great chart for figuring out the side and corner triangles when setting blocks on point.  I'm working on a quilt where I'm setting blocks on point, and I had no idea where to start. Boy, do I love the internet!  You can find almost anything there.  What did we do before it was invented?  Kids these days have no idea what life was like before the internet.  Remember when you actually had to go to the library and look in a book?  Of course, it actually took less time to find the information, because now, you go on the internet, find the information in about 3 seconds, go on Facebook, check everyone's status updates, go on 27 blogs, check out all the great pictures on Pinterest, read the news updates and 3 hours later forget what you went on the internet for.  A week later, you see the paper laying near the printer with some random bit of information you printed out that took you 3 seconds to find and remember how life was before the internet :)

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Jen said...

So glad I'm not alone!