Sunday, April 22, 2012

Picnic Day at UC Davis

My son is a huge Dr. Who fan.  Yesterday when we went to Picnic Day at UC Davis, the last thing we did was walk down to the Battle of the Bands at the duck pond.  They have lots of different bands from lots of different colleges.  Each college picks a different theme.  UC Irvine picked Space TV shows and they had Star Treck and Star Wars and Dr. Who.  Of course, he got excited and had to have his picture taken next to the Tardus.

We even took a picture of the band members who were dressed as the Dr. Who characters.  My son was in heaven.  I'm sure when he goes to college, he will join the band and suggest they dress up like Dr. Who characters.

 I'm working on a Tom Baker Dr. Who scarf for him now.  I'm about half way finished with it.  It is going to be 13 feet long!  The things a mother will do for her child :)

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