Friday, April 27, 2012

A walk through my garden

 More things are blooming in my garden and I love to walk outside and see what is growing and blooming, especially when the weather is nice.  Here are some deep pink bell flowers.  Anybody know what they are called?
 Purple and yellow iris go well together.  Some roses bloom in the background.  I even pulled weeds after taking the picture.  You know it must be nice outside if I'm pulling weeds instead of quilting.
 I think this one is called Jolt.  I love the bright yellow iris.
 I love the dark purple iris too.  This one is a new one I got last year from the town of Winters.  My friend got them for me and I had no idea what kinds they were.  It is a nice surprise to see all of the different kinds that are now starting to bloom.
 This one is one I got from Colorado. My dad got me a whole bunch at a sale.  This one is variagated and I love the flowers.  Usually the iris with the pretty leaves don't have pretty flowers too.
 I also have some really pretty calla lillies blooming.  When I was a kid, we used to pick the centers out of these and pretend they were corn for our Barbies.  Sorry mom!  You probably wondered what was eating the centers of your flowers.  It was our Barbie dolls :)
 Apricot colored iris that also came from Colorado.
 I may be weird, but I love the brown iris.  They remind me of chocolate.  Yum!
 Snapdragons have always been some of my favorite flowers.  I liked to make them talk when I was a kid.  If you pinch the sides of the flowers, you can make their 'mouths' open.  When I tell my students about them, they think I am weird.
 From above...
And from the side, another brown pretty

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