Monday, April 16, 2012

Strange adventures

So yesterday was the last day of my 10 day Easter break and finally a really nice day to get outside.  About 2 years ago, I took this old loveseat out of the front living room for a couple reasons.  First, it was old and icky.  Second, because I wanted the extra room.  Nobody ever used it.  That room used to be the kids 'game room' for playing video games, but the light came in at all the wrong times and made it hard to see the TV, so they moved their video games to the family room and the love seat just took up space. 

I put it in the side yard and it got rained on and the yellow jackets made a couple of really nice homes in it.  I've been wanting to take it to the dump for a long time, but couldn't fit it in my van and am too cheap to pay someone to haul it away for me.  Now that my son is old enough to work with tools and loves to do things like that, I talked him into chopping it up so I could throw it in the trash, piece by piece.

At first, he was going to use this old tree saw to chop it up.  I was laughing so hard, I thought I was going to wet myself.  He was working away and it probably would have taken him about 2 years to cut the couch up.  Boy, did that laugh feel good.  Even looking at this picture makes me laugh again. 

I got a recriprocating saw and he had the thing apart in about 15 minutes.  Now, can you tell me why it took me 2 years to get a saw?  Really?  Why do I put things off so long?  You can see there is a huge pile of other junk here that will be gone over the next couple of weeks as the trash man comes.  I just let things pile up and don't really notice it until it gets this bad.  We had a few palm trees cut down and those have to go piece by piece, week by week because the pieces are so heavy they can't all go in the green bins at once.  That was a huge job for the guy with the chain saw.  He even broke a chain cutting those down.  If I had cut them down when they were little, it wouldn't have been such a job.  Lesson learned.

The best thing was I found an old birthday card with $20 still in it inside the couch.  Of course, my son said it was his.  There was no name in the card, so it could have been his card and since he did all of the work, I let him have it :)  He was happy.

Do you remember these?  It's a Furbee.  My daughters had to have them.  You push their beak/face and they talk.  It was soaking wet from the rain and the super creepy part is it still works!  "Tickle me!  Ah, me, coco!"  Or something like that.  It's pretty creepy.

And we found a couple really big lizards living inside the couch too.  These guys did not want to move out.  They were happy inside the warm couch and not too happy with me when I evicted them.  Sorry guys, it's moving day!

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