Sunday, April 29, 2012


 As I was looking for some fabrics for my next quilt, I pulled and my whole shelving unit started to collapse!  Ugh, I hate to clean, but I hate to be forced to clean even more.  I got these wire shelves from Target and you can build them as high and as wide as you want.  Each cube is 14 inches and can hold a lot of fabric.  The metal is really strong and this shelf unit is about 9 feet tall.  Since I live in California, I have is fastened to the wall with a metal strap, but after yesterday, I could see that the metal strap wouldn't have done any good in an earthquake :)  Not that being burried in fabric would be a bad way to go.
So, I took most of the fabric off the shelves and popped the metal wires back into the plastic corner pieces and reinforced it with what else?  Duct tape!  Strong and safe and filled back up again.  I forgot to take anotehr picture, but will post one later.  When I got everything back on the shelf, there was one empty spot.  I made the comment to my daughter that I couldn't believe I had an empty spot.  She pointed out that there were still more buckets behind me.  Oops!  Of course, I couldn't have cleaned up and made things neater.  I did find some more orphan blocks that will go into a quilt very soon.  They've been hiding out on the shelf too long.

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