Sunday, April 8, 2012

Son's quilt finished, just in time

He comes home this afternoon from the robotics trip to Washington and I'm sure he will get some use out of this.  I don't think they slept in the last 5 days.  This quilt reminds me of chess pieces.

This one was cut using the Accuquilt Go! 7 inch Drunkard's path die, which is one of my favorites.  There is no way I would be making a quilt like this without my Accuquilt :)  The best part about that die is the little notch it makes in the middle of the curve.  That little notch means no pins for sewing.  Just start the seam, when you get to the middle, if the notch isn't lined up, you know you have to pull either the top or bottom a little bit more to make it match by the end.  I know, a 'real' quilter would either pin, or unstitch if it didn't match perfectly, but you can see from this quilt, things worked out pretty well in the end :)

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