Sunday, June 9, 2013

What a change

 Yesterday it was 108 here in Northern California.  Today, 83.  What a difference a day makes.  The wind is howling and God's air conditioning has really kicked in.  I'm thankful for changes like this.  Stayed home all day and quilted up four quilts.  Got one done this morning before having to take my son and his girlfriend to Les Miserables in Sacramento this afternoon.

I have a Nissan Sentra and the air conditioning got stuck on the floor/defrost mode.  I took it in to get fixed and the guy said it would be $700 to pull apart the dash and see why it was stuck.  I took it to school and asked the auto shop guys to take a look at it.  They said it was too hard because to take apart the dash, you had to deal with the air bags and they weren't comfortable dealing with it and it would take a week.

Well, knowing I had to drive it, eventhought it is only 83 today, I thought I'm going to fix it.  I know nothing about cars, but I do know that there is a little flapper thingy that makes the air go the way you want it.  It is stuck making the air go to the floor.  I figure if I could just flip it so that it makes the air go to your face, I would consider that fixed enough.  I mean, how often do you need air blowing at your feet?

So, I took a metal coat hanger (gotta keep a few of those around for just such a purpose) and bent it sorta straight and shoved it into the air vent.  Nothing.  So, I shoved it harder and wiggled it around and it got stuck.  That's either really good or really bad.  I pulled it really hard and the whole control panel came off!  Yikes!  What were those guys saying about the air bags?  Um...So, then there is the big hole where the air is supposed to come out and I just stuck my hand down in there and pushed the flapper and air starts blasting out in my face!  Fixed it!  I pushed the control panel back on and pounded it back in place and now the air comes out at your face instead of your feet.  Of course, in the winter when you want it to defrost the window, you have a different problem, but then you can just use a towel I guess.

Let's see, now what can I spend that $700 on :) ?

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Carol said...

I'm thinking there's a whole lot I could spend that $700 on. This sounds like something I would do, so it made me laugh. Great way to start my morning! Cookies look yummy, too! :O)