Friday, June 28, 2013

Kaiser is quick

So after my doctor called yesterday, I went in and got the xrays taken.  No pre approval, no waiting, just show up, get them taken and wait a few hours to have them read by the experts.  This morning my doctor who is on vacation emailed me to let me know the new xrays were clear.  Maybe I should make my doctor a quilt :)

My son has his ear doctor appointment today too.  The doctor isn't sure what is going on with his hearing loss.  The CT scan came back not showing anything.  He thinks it has something to do with the third bone in the ear.  Then, he looked in his ear again and saw the scar tissue from when he had tubes in his ear when he was 2.  He thinks it might be part of the cause for the hearing loss.  He wants my son to see a specialist in Oakland and to possible have surgery to remove the scar tissue and take a look at the little bone to see if it is too loose or or too attached so it doesn't move enough to transfer the sound.  He also said that the nerve isn't working correctly.  He also suggested that he might need a hearing aide, which of course our insurance doesn't cover and costs anywhere from $2K up.  Yikes!  Sometime in the next week we should hear back from the specialist.

We might just do a wait and see if the hearing gets worse and have him retested in 6 months.  If things don't get worse we may not do anything.  He seems to be hearing well enough to be able to get straight A's.

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