Saturday, June 22, 2013

Quilting for Calgary

I hadn't even heard about the floods in Alberta, Canada until yesterday when my friend, Deb, the Traveling Quilter sent me a note on Facebook asking if I was planning on sending quilts.  Hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced from their homes and many of those homes are under water now. 

Yesterday on the national news, they did a 30 second story on the flooding.  Yep, that's it.  30 seconds about something that is affecting hundreds of thousands of people.  We aren't talking about a 3rd world country here.  We are talking about America's Hat, our neighbor to the north and a huge city, Calgary.  It amazes me how the focus of the news is on the name of a celebrity's baby and not on a real event.  Crazy.

But, enough about the craziness of the media, on to how you can help.  There is a Facebook page called Quilting for Calgary, hosted by they same group of people who stepped up in Canada to help out with the quilts for Japan.  They are now asking for help for the people of their own country. 

I know that shipping is very expensive, but they are asking for even quilt tops and they will do the quilting, provide the batting and backing and finish off the quilts for donation.  Deb and I plan to get together in mid July and send a box of quilt tops.  I always have quilt tops ready to go and hope to make a couple of special ones to include.

How about you?  Can you make a quilt top and send it?  From the Facebook page:

For anyone wanting to donate quilts to those affected in the Calgary and Canmore area by the recent flooding please send your donations to:

"Quilting for Calgary"
38 Rockbluff Close NW,
Calgary, AB T3G 5B1

Please be aware it will be several days before your donations can be distributed as many of our roads are still closed and we are being asked by officials to stay home.

Many of our evacuees are still in the process of being moved/shuffled to other facilities as officials learn where needs can best be met so we are still in a state of flux. Donations will be distributed as soon as possible.

Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity.


Hazel said...

I certainly will be sending quilts .My grandson lives in Banff but was visiting friends in Canmore ,he's safe but has no idea when he will be able to get home .

Mimi said...

In Canada, that is all the news and we are watching the devastation with unbelieving eyes and ears... it is so sad to see so many people losing everything. I am going to contribute too!

Bev1 said...

Quilting for Calgary has free shipping across Canada as well as the ability to have donations from the US come across the border with no customs,duty or brokerage fees. We also have a US shipping address in Houston. TX. Please email bev.rogan for more information.

Many thanks for helping us to warm the hearts and homes of Calgary's flood victims and the 1000 of our new neighbors who will staying with us temporarily until they can return home.