Saturday, June 15, 2013

This should have been so easy

Ever have one of those 'everything that can go wrong will' kind of days?  Well, today was it for this poor little quilt.  It is from my book challenge and I had cut out the pieces maybe a month ago.  Decided that since hubby and kids are at the movies, I would sew it together.  Simple squares and sashing right?  WRONG!  I forgot that I had already precut the smaller sashing pieces, so am happily sewing all the blocks to the long strips, sewed more than I needed, cut them and then find the precut strips.  Have to unsew some of the sides because I've got sashing on more sides than I need since there aren't any corner pieces and some how end up with one extra block.  I'm having to sew all of the cut sashing strips back together and the whole thing takes about twice as long as it should to sew together.  But, at least it is done.  The colors in the picture are terrible so I will be sure to take a picture with the real camera when it is done quilting.  But that won't happen today.  Everyone should be home soon and we will have peanut butter cupcakes and open presents. 

I baked cookies for the returning wounded this morning in addition to the cupcakes.  For the cupcakes, I just added a cup of peanut butter to a white cake mix.  I have no idea if it turned out good or not.  They smell like peanut butter so I'm hoping they taste good.  My husband had some peanut butter cupcakes from a bakery at work and he said they were the best thing he ever ate.  Let's see if I even came close :)  If not, I have chocolate chip and sugar cookies as a back up.

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