Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I feel so stupid

I'm on my final week of the prednisone and have had migraine free days finally after at least 6 months of daily headaches.  I think I was going on 4 days migraine free.  Then, yesterday, I had to go into work to finish cleaning up and checking out.  There were lots of co-workers there, lots of things to get done, lots of stress.  I came home feeling frazzled and started to feel the migraine come on.  By dinner, it was a full blown doozie.  Because I'm on the prednisone, I'm not supposed to take any pain meds.  When I went to bed last night, I was feeling sorry for myself, thinking, 'here I go again'.  Then, I realized that on Saturday, when I put together all my medicines for the week, I forgot to include one of my daily pills.  My Nortriptyline, which I take twice a day was missing from my pill keeper.  I haven't taken it Sat evening, Sun morning, evening or Mon morning.  Ugh, I felt so stupid.  No wonder I got a migraine!

I think I had better make a list of all of the medicines (5 preventatives) I take so this never happens again.  I rely on my memory to get me through everything, but can't afford to mess up like that again. 

Here's hoping for a stress free day today.  The only thing on the to-do list is a dinner with all of the student teachers and master teachers with the UC Davis program later tonight.  Oh, wait, that might be stressful.  I will make sure to eat dessert first!

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Farm Quilter said...

Have you heard of Kombucha for keeping migraines away? kombuchakamp.com has amazing information about it. Not affiliated, but my SIL and her daughter both have been drinking this tea for 5-6 months and neither one has had a migraine in months. I'm going to try it - tired of losing 2-3 days a week to migraines. You can also buy the tea ready-made in stores - my SIL told me she had found it at Safeway.