Tuesday, June 11, 2013

more quick stripie quilts

 just throwing them on the frame and quilting them up.  And cleaning my house.  I have no idea how it gets so messy, but it really doesn't take that long to tidy up.  Working in the kitchen and living room.  Piles of stuff everywhere and minutes here and there to sort and purge. My mama would be proud of how clean my kitchen sink is and how often I've been doing my dishes :)  Such a silly thing, but I really hate doing the dishes and cleaning up after cooking.  I love to cook, hate to clean.  This is the summer of changing attitudes.  Cleaning really isn't all that bad.  Finding homes for all the stuff, that's a problem, so getting rid of things I no longer need or use is the name of the game.  My daughter is really helping, she loves to throw things out and give things away!  OF course, she didn't spend the money on it so she doesn't cringe when she realizes just how much waste went into a purchase.  But it makes me think twice before buying something just because it is on sale.

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