Sunday, June 2, 2013

Rest? What is that?

I can't seem to understand the meaning of rest.  The prednisone I'm on makes me sweat a ton, my face gets flush and I'm nervous all the time.  I'm really surprised I make it through the school day and lucky for me I only have a week left of work.  Three of those days are only half days so I know I can make it, but on the days where I can actually sit and rest, I can't even do that.  Like today.  I don't HAVE to be anywhere.  I got up at 6, stupid internal clock and had breakfast.  Then, I made myself lay on the couch until 10.  I was so jittery I decided to make banana bread and carrot cake.  My kids got invited to a graduation party and I thought it would be nice if they took something along.  I've had an obsession lately with baking. 
I got a food processor a couple weeks ago and that thing can chop carrots and zucchini like nobody's bushiness.  I discovered that baking banana bread is good therapy and it tastes good too!
So, after baking, I'm sweating again, face red as a beat and I'm shaking.  My body is telling me to rest.  But, I'm so nervous, I feel the need to move around.  What do I do?  Quilt of course!
Two more quilts quilted up, one from last week that didn't get in the pictures.  Now, maybe my body will let me sit and rest. Maybe the medicine will get a chance to do its job.  I think it is working on the headache, but at the expense of the rest of me.  Too bad we don't have a pool in the backyard.  Maybe I should get one of those little kiddie pools or invite myself over to a friend's house.  Let's see, who do I know that has a pool...


Jo C. said...

So sorry! Prednisone can do lot of weird things, but if it helps the headaches, maybe its worth it. Feel better!

Carla said...

I do!