Monday, June 24, 2013

A Puzzle

 I quilted up these two little guys today.  The first is another of the super size 9 patches.  I should really count how many there are left.  In the beginning of the summer I had 2 boxes of them and now there is only one box left.  I should have them done in no time.  That makes me happy.  The second quilt is one that was too small when I finished it a couple years ago.  I had originally intended to give it to my son's first grade teacher.  He just finished 3rd grade.  I wasn't happy with it at the time because it came out much smaller than I had hoped. It took a long time to make too because you had to really watch where you sewed all the pieces.  I had my 3 kids who were home help me sew it together.  They kept handing me pieces to sew together.  It has sat for 2 years.  I put a second border on it and now it is a better size and it is quilted and ready to be bound and ready for a child to love.  My son's first grade teacher has a son who is autistic.  The symbol for autism is the puzzle piece.  She has a tattoo of a puzzle piece on her ankle.  Maybe one day I will make another puzzle quilt but with a different pattern.
 And finally this quilt top.  This was the quilt my son was working on when we sewed yesterday.  I finished it up today and will quilt it up for one of the returning wounded coming through Travis AFB.

I don't really feel like I accomplished much today.  I spent a lot of time on the couch resting.  This silly head cold has me really tired from not doing much.  I did also go for two walks today.  One short, 1.3 mile one and one longer 3.2 mile one. Both made me really tired.  I'm trying to lose the weight I gained while on the prednisone.  Oh, and the doctor is changing my medicines again.  The propranolol/topomax combination makes me really overheated when I exercise and also the propranolol makes my ankles swell up so he's taking me off that one and increasing the topomax.  I like that one because I lost 30 pounds the first time I was on it :)

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