Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Scholarship dinner

Wow, I'm going to miss my daughter when she goes off to college!  We just had the BEST scholarship dinner tonight!  She got the Travis Credit Union scholarship and they had the BEST food!  We are talking RICH people food, like stuffed mushrooms and stuffed cucumbers with cream cheese and salmon and chocolate covered strawberries and creme puffs and cake and tri tip roast and I ate and ate until I thought I was going to explode!  They sure treated her well.  They even gave all of the parents a rose to thank us for all we did to get the kids to where they are.  What was really cool was Assemblyman Jim Frazier was there and he told my daughter that if she ever needed a letter of recommendation or if she wanted to job shadow him, to contact him.  She will be sending him an email tomorrow!  It's all about the networking and making connections.  She isn't sure what she wants to do, but I told her that just maybe she could do something like this and go to fancy meals :)  I would never want to do their job.  I made sure to thank him for passing the State budget (eventhough I don't agree with everything in it).  I can't imagine having to do that job.  But then, he said he could never do my job either.  9th and 10th grade science teacher.  Some days I'm surprised I make it out alive!

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Needled Mom said...

That sounds awesome. It will be fun to see what she ends up doing.