Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Be The Match

Way back in 1993, I signed up to be a bone marrow donor.  This morning I got an email saying I was a potential match for a 49 year old man.  How cool is that?  The lady called me this afternoon and asked a bunch of questions and I may not be able to donate because of all of the migraine medicines I'm on, but here's hoping that I will be able to help save someone's life.  I'm still in the first stage and if my migraines don't get in the way, will have to give a cheek swab and if that matches will have to either donate bone marrow or stem cells via a 4-8 hour blood donation.  She said I could bring a friend along to keep me company.  Who wants to come and sit with me for 8 hours?  I was going to ask if I could bring a sewing machine and sit and sew while donating blood.  I wonder if they could hook the blood sucker to my left leg so I could sit up and sew instead of to my arm.  I bet I would be the first person to ever try and do that while donating.  I also bet if they let people quilt while donating blood, they would get more blood donors!

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Carla said...

Let me know when. If I'm not away, I'm there with you.... I could bring the handcrank and stitch while we visited. That way even they won't let you sew, we'll get something done together!