Saturday, June 29, 2013

a scorcher here in Nor Cal

 Another Hot one here in Northern California.  Hope it was cooler where you were.  The car temp said 112, but I'm sure that wasn't quite correct. said it got to 106.  I'm sure glad we have air conditioning.  I'm still working through the stack of quilt tops and the long roll of backing fabric I have loaded on the machine.  I can probably get another 6-8 quilts off that backing before having to sew more together.  Sure makes for quick work to just pin and go when the backing fabric is already loaded.  After this round is done, I'm going to quilt up some bigger ones for the Quilts for Calgary campaign.  Next weekend I will be taking my daughter down to UCLA for her orientation week and picking up my oldest for a week's visit.  She is flying out from Austin, TX and will be spending some time at home and some time in Yosemite for a Buck Scholarship retreat. They have those once every two years as a way to keep the scholars in contact and let them know what everyone is up to.  They treat them really well.  I wish I could go :)

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Cathy said...

We were 109 and 112 the past two days and humid. 100 or so is normal here. We`re at about 4,000 feet. I think for my area these weather patterns are here to stay. Have there been fires in your area? I hope not.