Sunday, June 30, 2013


Jan 75.78
Feb 54.13
March 82.85
April 40.9
May 39.6
June 27.36

That's a total for the year of 320.62 miles

Wow, it just keeps getting less and less.  This month I had some medical issues that slowed me down.  I'm hoping they are over with and I can get back at it again.  I walked this morning and I can tell my body isn't 100% yet, but the scale in the bathroom is telling me I had better get moving no matter what.  It keeps going the wrong direction and if I don't do something about it, I will not be a happy camper when school starts up again.  I'm already self conscious about going out in public and am waiting for the first person to ask me when the baby is due!  I wish I hadn't stayed on those migraine medications as long as I did.  I should have read the side effects and when I saw that the first one was WEIGHT GAIN, I should have asked for something else.  I've gained just over 40 pounds this year and that makes everything just a bit harder to get done.  Easy come, easy go right?  Let's hope so!  Now that I'm off the medication that made me gain all the weight, I hope it comes off as easily as it went on.  With a little work, it should.

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