Sunday, June 30, 2013

Do you Feedly?

So some people are singing the praises of Feedly, one of the new blog readers and I figured I'd check it out.  It is a pretty cool new reading tool and I figured I'd add the button to my blog in case anyone wants to follow me there.  Well, I've spent the last 45 minutes trying to figure out how to add it to my blog.  Seriously, this can't be so hard.  I followed the directions and searched the help site and did everything they said to do and it doesn't seem to be working.  It takes me to the feedly site, but just shows a blank page.  At least it isn't giving me the error message I'm getting when I click on many other people's buttons on their blogs :)  There isn't a chat button on the Feedly web page which would be nice so someone could walk me through how to fix this so I may just end up giving up on the whole thing.  I did figure out how to read all of the blogs I like there and will give it a try, but if I can't figure out how to get the button to work on my blog, I'm really sorry.  I'll ask my son to take a look when he wakes up.  Why do people out there have to make changes so us old folks have to learn new computer things?  I was happy with the way blogland was :)

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