Monday, June 17, 2013

Have you checked out Bloglovin?

Ok, so Bloglovin is the new Pinterest for me.  I could spend HOURS on there checking out new blogs and learning new things.  I think I'm addicted.  I love the way it is set up, where you can see what's on the blog posts and decide if you want to click on the link after reading a couple of sentences.  I love that it can read your mind and make suggestions for you (which is a little creepy cuz you know they have to be searching your computer browser history or something to figure out what you like) but I've found a lot of new blogs that I'm not sure how I've missed before.  My husband thinks I'm crazy for spending so much time reading about quilting when I have so much fabric and should really BE quilting.  But, hey, I need some inspiration.

I'm cleaning my sewing room in what may be a strange way.  I'm picking a bucket of 'stuff' and sorting and sewing my way through it.  I found a bunch of 12 inch blocks and bits and pieces to make more 12 inch blocks and am going to put them all together to make some quilt tops.  I sat and sewed for a couple hours yesterday and emptied out a Ziploc bag of random pieces.  I did the same thing today and have quite a few blocks that need to be organized into something beautiful. 

I woke up again today feeling weird and BAM, super mega migraine hit me like a MAC truck.  Tried going for a walk and taking some Maxalt and it got a little better, but I think the random sewing of blocks helped the most.  Oh, and the eating a whole bowl of fresh peas from the fruit stand.  I love summer and fresh fruits and vegetables. 

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