Sunday, November 30, 2008


Well, today felt like a big waste. I laid around on the couch most of the day and actually took a nap. My body just said ENOUGH! I hate when that happens. I feel worse tonight than I did today. I even bought Zicam, which is supposed to shorten a cold, but I've never found it to work. Has anyone else tried it and thought it worked? I don't know why I tried it again, maybe thinking this time would be different. Maybe thinking that for some magic reason it just had to work because I don't want to be sick. I don't know. I was at the store this morning because we were out of toilet paper (how does that happen?) and I was hoping that something out there would have been invented to cure the common cold. I know they have a cure, they just won't sell it because they will lose so much money on all of the cold medicines.

I have 6 lab books left to grade. Those will get done tonight and then they will come back to me this week, with another lab in them. I think we have three more labs before Christmas. I think I will just let the labs sit until Christmas break and grade all three at the same time. This time of year it is like fighting a losing battle. As soon as I get them graded, we turn around and do another lab.

I'm torn between wanting to work on quilts and not wanting to make more quilt tops that need quilting. Since I have to wait for my new quilting feet to arive, I pieced the quilt top for my daughter's cross country coach. I also put up a design wall in my oldest daughter's bedroom since that is the only room in the house with some wall space that is open. Right now, it has her t shirt quilt pinned to it. I have to find three more of her old t shirts so I can finish that one up for her for Christmas. It is going to be a big quilt and I think I will give that to my friend to quilt for me. I don't like quilting things that are bigger than about 60 inches long because then the last few rows are so narrow. My friend has a big machine and does professional long arm quilting and I had her do three quilts for me in the past, before I got the quilting frame from my mom. She does a great job on them and it wasn't too terribly expensive. I will have to hurry up and get this quilt pieced if I want her to quilt it before Christmas though. If not, and I am not really in that much of a hurry, I have until the end of January before my daughter goes back to college. I can give her the top and then have it quilted. Sneaky ;)

I can't believe tomorrow is the first of December. I'm going to start looking for some Christmas tree decorations to make with the kids. I have good memories of making them as a child and still have some of the wooden ones we painted. I'd like my kids to have memories like that too. If I find anything good, I will post links here and share what the kids are making.

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