Friday, November 28, 2008

broke another foot

Well, I think I figured out what the funny noise was that the machine was making. I was working on another quilt and touched the foot and the little bar that holds the foot to the needle up and down thingy just fell off. It is made of metal and I guess all the millions of up and down times it has gone through just wore it out. Bummer, I'm so sad. I'm almost done with this quilt and now I have to wait until the new foot comes in the mail. I'm going to try and see if the local sewing machine shop has this type of foot, but I don't remember them carrying this brand before, so I think I will just have to do other things these last two days of vacation.

If you remember, way back, I broke the Big Foot that I bought when I bought the machine. I don't know what is is about me and feet! At least it isn't my own feet that I keep breaking.

I guess they don't make these things to stand up to my industrial use. I've made 60 or so quilts on this thing and gone through two feet so far. The feet aren't cheap either. This new one is costing about $23 with shipping. At this rate, it is costing about $1 per quilt just for the use of the foot! That's crazy!

Has anybody out there had better luck with your quilting feet? If so, what type do you use and how long have you had them?

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